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Rasmussen Wants Akin Out

Rasmussen, the GOP's go-to firm for advancing and shaping preferred public opinions, says Todd Akin is legitimately wounded: "Real Clear Politics says a Rasmussen poll shows Sen. Claire McCaskill leads Rep. Todd Akin by 10 points. Rasmussen has it McCaskill 48%, Akin 38%, the site says."

Meanwhile, TPM reports that Akin's internal polling is consistent with the PPP results published Monday night: Todd Akin was persuaded to stay in the Missouri Senate race by an internal poll his campaign commissioned Monday that showed him in a dead heat with Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill even after his comments on rape and abortion sparked an uproar, according to National Journal. The poll reportedly showed that 90 percent of respondents were aware of the controversy. Akin surmised from the results that it was still possible for him to win. Another robopoll released Monday from Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling, gave Akin a 1-point edge." 




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