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Public Policy Polling Teases With More Senate Poll Data

Tom Jensen of Public Policy Polling teases a bit more today about the fresh Missouri Senate poll they'll release tomorrow. Roy Blunt's head-to-head numbers against Chuck Purgason were certainly surprising, but Blunt's possible race against Robin Carnahan is still tight, as expected.

The favoraibilty numbers released today are also interesting:

44% of independents in the state have an unfavorable opinion of Roy Blunt to just 23% viewing him favorably. Robin Carnahan also has poor, but somewhat better, numbers with that group- 40% have an unfavorable opinion of her with 33% holding a positive take.

As the post notes, these numbers don't translate directly to how voters plan to cast their ballots, and a potential Blunt v. Carnahan race will most certainly be close.

That said, it will be fascinating to see how Team Blunt tries to spin away the weak support with GOP primary voters and very negative feelings among independents.



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