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PPP Poll: Carnahan Holds Slight Lead Over Blunt; 65% Think Blunt Is "Part of The Problem" In Washington

Public Policy Polling has released topline data from their recent statewide poll of 763 Missouri voters.  Since their previous poll in January, the prospective matchup between Robin Carnahan and Roy Blunt remains stable.  However, the survey does indicant real unease about Blunt's record in Washington.

When PPP polled the Missouri Senate race in January Robin Carnahan led by one point. Fast forward ten months and nothing has changed. Carnahan leads Roy Blunt 43-42.

It's a good sign for Carnahan that her status hasn't worsened as things have gone sour in general for the Democratic Party over the course of 2009. That's a product of Carnahan and Blunt being more well known than your typical open seat candidates, particularly because of their family names, and probably also due to Blunt's being symbolic of a Congress that voters don't care for. You're definitely better off being a Jefferson City politician in 2010 than a Washington one.

Interestingly, 65% of respondents said Roy Blunt has been "part of the problem" in Washington's spending.

In head-to-head matchups, Carnahan topped both Blunt and Purgason, though Purgason does much better than I expected.

And Blunt leads Chuck Purgason 53-16, with 31% undecided…

…while only 21% had an opinion of Purgason.

Topline results are online here.



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