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Post-Dispatch: HB1329 "Plainly Unconstitutional"

In today's Post-Dispatch: "In a May editorial that urged Gov. Jay Nixon to sign House Bill 1329, we chided lawmakers for rushing an otherwise good bill through in less than 24 hours as the session was coming to an end...However, the bill has a clause that we (and many lawmakers) missed that makes it plainly unconstitutional. It seeks to apply the new policy retroactively, meaning if you purchased a car or boat after the March 21 court decision and didn't pay local sales tax, you will owe that money if the Legislature ultimately passes the bill. It would be unfair to the 122,000 Missourians who have purchased cars and boats since the court ruling to collect retroactive sales taxes they didn't pay, Mr. Nixon has argued to lawmakers. He's got a point." 



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