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Peculiar, MO Man Featured in New MoveOn Spot on Romney Job Cuts

Via The Plum Line: "Reuters published a blockbuster story today on GS Technologies, a steel mill in Kansas City that was acquired by Bain Capital, leading to the layoffs of some 750 workers. In this case, the workers lost promised severance pay and health insurance; their pension benefits were slashed. and a federal government insurance agency had to bail out the company’s pension plan — even as Bain raked in millions and millions of dollars in profits. Now a man who says he worked at the plant for 34 years — a self-described conservative — is speaking out about Romney. Glen Patrick Wells, who lives in Peculiar, Missouri, agreed to appear in a new video in order to speak out about what the layoffs did to the surrounding community. He excoriated Romney for his role in the deal. Wells appears in the new video with his friend, Donny Box, who appeared in an earlier MoveOn ad, and Wells is the one in the green cap:



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