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OMG. Shots Fired in #Auditors Race! When Will @PeterKinder Start Tweeting Updates?

If you've been busy tweeting from your deer stand this weekend, you've probably missed a bit of the back-and-forth in the GOP contest to challenge Auditor Susan Montee next year. Sadly, Lt. Governor @PeterKinder has refrained from posting any updates to his live Twitter feed about the conflict.

In bullets of 140 characters or less, is a summary of what's transpired in the past few days:

@PeterKinder, as you may know, has strongly endorsed @TomSchweich4MO's candidacy. "He is a fiscal conservative, and a rarity, in that he will be an impartial voice Missouri taxpayers deserve in the Auditor’s office," Kinder said earlier this year. Of course, Schweich completely undermined this alleged 'rare' quality in September when he promised Republicans that he would be a strong asset to "loyal Republicans" as Auditor "from a political standpoint."

We look forward to breathless updates from the Lieutenant Governor about this squabble soon.



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