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An Oldie But Goodie: Ed Martin Clings To "Death Panel" Lie

It's April 2010.  The "death panel" lie has been discredited and debunked more times than any of us can county.  It was even named the 2009 "Lie of the Year" by  But does that mean Ed Martin feels any obligation to stop trying to scare seniors with talk of death panels? Heck no!

Speaking Saturday to the Tea Party/Martin Campaign Rally in Jefferson County:

Life also means respecting our seniors. They're vulnerable.  And we need to protect them. Because 'death panels' are not just a term of art. They're not just a code. When you put bureaucrats in charge of health care, you put bureaucrats' values in charge of our lives. We must not allow health care to be taken over by government. We must allow the patients, especially our seniors, to be protected.

If Eddie gave up all the garbage in his stump speech, would he have anything left to talk about?

h/t St. Louis Activist Hub



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