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(More) Statewide Democrats Come Out In Support Of Minimum Wage Increase

Days after rallies across the nation in support of a minimum wage increase, Congressmen Emanuel Cleaver, Lacy Clay and Russ Carnahan and have all come out in support of a minimum wage increase.

The 3 co-sponsored federal legislation (H.R. 6211) that would raise the minimum wage to $9.80/hour. This summer, Gov. Jay Nixon and Senator Claire McCaskill have also made it clear they support a strong mininimum wage.  

(It's good policy -- and good politics.) 

Whether or not Congress' consistent record of dysfunction holds up, the citizens of Missouri will have a chance to raise the minimum wage here $1 to $8.25 on the November ballot.

Its yet to be seen if any candidated or elected official on the right side of the fence will come out in support of such a commonsense way to jumpstart the economy, and give a much needed raise to the state's  lowest-paid and poverty-stricken workers.

Ed. note: An earlier version of this post incorrectly stated that Nixon and McCaskill had taken positions on the new HR 6211, introduced yesterday. 





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