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MOLLI’s List Endorsements

MOLLI’s List, the political action committee created to recruit and support progressive women running for Missouri elective office, today announced its slate of primary endorsements for candidates running for the Missouri state legislature.
In this time when women’s reproductive rights are being challenged and misogynist radio personalities are honored in our state capital, there is clearly importance in electing more progressive women to represent communities across Missouri. While women make up about 51% of the population, they make up less than 24% of legislators in Missouri. MOLLI’s List focuses efforts and resources on supporting progressive women candidates who are expected to be competitive in state senate and state representative races in Missouri. 

The following candidates earned MOLLI’s List endorsements for the August primary:

In Missouri Senate races:
SD-7 Crystal Williams

In Missouri House of Representatives races:
HD-15 Carol Suter
HD -27 Bonnaye Mims
HD -47 Nancy Copenhaver
HD-69 Margo McNeill
HD -71 Tracy McCreery
HD -72 Mary Nichols
HD -74 Sharon Pace
HD -75 Rochelle Gray
HD-78 Ruth Ehresman
HD-83 Gina Mitten
HD 90 Deb Lavender
HD-91 Jeanne Kirkton
HD-92 Genise Montecillo

MOLLI’s List has left SD5, HD24, HD84 and HD87 where there are more than one progressive woman in the race, open. MOLLI’s List also celebrates three previously supported candidates who are running unopposed in this year’s primary. They are Kiki Curls (SD-9), Gail McCann Beatty (HD-43), and Jill Schupp (HD-82).

MOLLI’s List received a total of 35 applications for endorsement, which were reviewed by a Candidate Review Committee composed of the board of directors and the candidate review committee.

“We are really fortunate to have so many progressive women who are committed to running for office in this election cycle,” said Joan Suarez, MOLLI’s List board member and chair of the candidate review committee.  “We are even seeing some districts this year with more than one outstanding woman running so the selection process was not easy.”

When formerly known as Harriett’s List in honor of Lt. Governor Harriett Woods, the organization supported 22 women who ran for office in 2010. Now as MOLLI's List, two women have already been supported and they won their races in 2011.

About MOLLI’s List
Harriett’s List was launched June 2, 2009 – on what would have been the 82nd birthday of the late Lieutenant Governor Harriett Woods, the first women elected to statewide office in Missouri.  As it’s successor organization, MOLLI’s List’s goal is to elect more progressive women who are committed to equality for women, social and economic justice, and women’s and children’s health.  Modeled after Emily’s List, a national organization that was established in 1984 to support progressive women for federal office MOLLI’s List is working to increase the number of progressive Democratic women serving in the Missouristate legislature and state-wide office by providing financial support as well as strategic and political guidance. More information about the organization is available at



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