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If the average Missourian takes home approximately $45,000 a year, let's see what Mittens would make for every dollar a Missourian would.


Mitt Romney made over $21.7 million in 2010. For most people, that number is so huge it's hard to comprehend. Mittbucks puts Romney's income into perspective for you, showing you what ordinary stuff would have to cost him before he could relate to your daily experience with money.

For every $1 you make, Mitt Romney makes $416.01

For Mitt to have an understanding of your day-to-day expenses, a gallon of gas would have to cost him $1,393.65, a 20 oz. soda would have to cost him $661.46, and a pizza would have to cost about $4,318.23.

When Mitt casually bet Rick Perry $10,000 at a recent debate, that would be like you betting a friend $24.04. Consider that - Mitt thinks about $10,000 the same way you think about $24.04.




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