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Missouri AFL-CIO calls on Nixon to veto SB749

This action alert, sent earlier today to the full Missouri AFL-CIO list, calls on Gov. Jay Nixon to veto Missouri Republicans' misguided SB789.  

With women now making up more than half of America’s workforce, it is crucial that we, as the labor movement, continue to defend the rights of all women and all workers against any effort to allow employers to dictate the quality of women’s health care. Just before session ended, politicians pushed through SB749, the Birth Control Refusal Bill. It would allow bosses to deny workers access to birth control, an unacceptable erosion of workers' rights on the job.

Governor Nixon can stop this attack on workers with a veto of SB749.Click here to send him an email and urge him to veto this extreme legislation.

SB749 allows employers to refuse coverage for birth control and sterilization services "based on religious beliefs or moral convictions." Working people should be able to continue to make decisions based on their own religious beliefs and moral convictions, not those of their employer.

All women and men should have access to quality health care, not determined by political agendas. When extremist politicians passed anti-worker and divisive legislation, including an attempt to roll-back protections against workplace discrimination, Governor Nixon stood up for working people and vetoed the bills. Click here to send an email and urge Governor Nixon to veto SB749 and thank him for standing up against these anti-worker attacks.

In unity,

The Missouri AFL-CIO 



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