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McCaskill: Real Words

McCaskill campaign: 

Yesterday, as McCaskill for Missouri launched a new TV ad highlighting Todd Akin’s extreme views on women’s issues, Women for Claire rallied supporters in St. Louis and Kansas City to stress the importance of Missouri’s women making their voices heard at the polls on November 6.  

The new ad, the latest in a series featuring Missourians talking about Todd Akin in their own words, features real Missouri women discussing their thoughts on Todd Akin’s extreme beliefs.


“If Missouri’s women and families were wondering what kind of a Senator Todd Akin would be, I think he’s answered that question pretty clearly,” said Diana, a rape survivor and Kansas City resident who appeared in earlier campaign ads for McCaskill. “I’m a pro-life mother and a Republican, but I can’t support Todd Akin. His extreme views would hurt Missourians, and it’s up to us to make sure we send Claire McCaskill back to the U.S. Senate, where I know she’ll fight for us every single day.”

“The choice we have to make in this Senate race is what kind of country we’re leaving to the next generation of Missourians,” said Cathy Jolly, former Kansas City Councilwoman and State Representative. “Electing Todd Akin means our kids lose the federal school lunch program. It means our students lose federal student loans. Todd Akin is out on the extreme fringe, out of touch with Missouri’s families, and over the last nine days of this election, we’ve got to be sure that each of us finds nine more women, to remind them exactly what’s at stake.”

“Deciding who I want representing Missouri in the U.S. Senate isn’t a tough choice,” said Jean Peters Baker, Jackson County Prosecutor. “On the one hand we have Claire - a working mom and a proud grandmother who understands the challenges facing Missouri’s families. We know we can trust Claire to fight for us and for our families every day. But Todd Akin thinks that bosses should be able to discriminate against their women employees, and he doesn’t know what the minimum wage is, but he’s sure he would get rid of it. Missouri’s women cannot afford to have Todd Akin representing us and our families for the next six years.”

Just as the women in the newest ad use their own words to explain their concerns about Todd Akin’s extreme positions, the women at today’s events were asked and encouraged to tap into their networks and explain to other voters the reasons they support Claire in this election.



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