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The Latest in Todd Akin's Unforced Errors

Yesterday, in a statement to BuzzFeed, Todd Akin spokesman Rick Tyler said Akin's campaign stands by the congressman's eariler statements that he believes it is "common" for doctors to "give abortions to women who are not actually pregnant."

"There's ample evidence that abortion doctors on any number of occasions have deceived women into thinking that they're pregnant, and then collect money for a procedure that they don't perform," said Rick Tyler, a spokesperson for Akin's campaign. "And I say they don't perform it because obviously the women weren't pregnant."

I just... how do you logically explain this? Women who are not pregnant cannot receive an abortion. There is nothing to abort - no fetus, no embryo. The science! It will not allow it!

Planned Parenthood Public Affairs director Michelle Trupiano had this to say about Akin's latest unbelievable comments:

"That's just an absolutely ridiculous claim. [It] just goes to show how extreme Todd Akin is, and he's not in touch with what happens in women's lives." 

That's putting it mildly in my book. Todd Akin isn't just out of touch with what happens in women's lives, he's out of touch with reality. 

And if, just if, the crazy remarks on abortion weren't enough? Todd Akin couldn't even make it through today without further sticking his foot in his mouth. During a radio interview on KTRS this morning, he doubled down on his belief that it's ok for an employer to pay a woman less, and then went on to defend himself against charges of sexism by claiming that in his office, his highest paid staffer is a woman. Except that last part is just not true. Eli Yokley at PoliticMO has the story:

“The person that’s paid the most in my current office is a woman,” Akin said, referring to his Chief of Staff Lauren Ellis. “So, how do you prove that?”

But despite his claim on KTRS, Akin’s highest paid staffer is neither Ellis nor a woman.

According to Legistorm, a database that tracks Capitol Hill staffer pay, Akin’s highest paid staff member is Steve Taylor, Akin’s male communications director. Since the beginning of 2012, Taylor has been paid nearly $500 more than Ellis.

And if you think that's it? Well, we've got one more story. Apparently, Akin failed to report $130,000 in pension income on his congressional financial disclosure report over the last ten years. I mean, the hits just keep coming. 

So it's another day, another round of unforced errors and terrible headlines for Todd Akin. Only 33 more days to go. 



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