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KOMU Mischaracterizes Claire McCaskill Ads

Yesterday, Sen. Claire McCaskill's campaign released three ads showcasing women speaking directly to the camera about their experiences as victims of sexual assault and how Todd Akin's beliefs affect their vote in November. 

But KOMU in Columbia apparently saw a different set of ads than the rest of us did and reported on it accordingly. ThinkProgress has the video:

Unbelievable! Calling rape victims "controversial characters" as they speak out against TODD AKIN (not Claire McCaskill as they would have you believe)? So insensitive and factually wrong.

KOMU went on to issue a correction and apology in their 10pm newscast. Hopefully they'll be more attentive to the facts next time:

We have a number of corrections tonight for a story in our 5 o’clock news. The story focused on three new ads from Senator Claire McCaskill aimed at opponent todd akin’s remarks about rape. We incorrectly said there was one ad. We mistakenly said the ads featured two women speaking out against McCaskill. The ads actually feature three women – all survivors of sexual assault – and they were speaking on behalf of McCaskill. Also, a reading error lead to a misquote of one of the women in the ad, who actually said “I’m a pro-life mother and a survivor of an extremely violent sexual assault. As a woman of faith, I must forgive Todd Akin. But as a voter, it’s not something I can forget.” And finally, the McCaskill camp objected to our use of the phrase “controversial characters” when refering to the women in the ads. We apologize for that characterization and the errors.

And just in case you missed the ads, you can watch them here.



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