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House leadership agrees to consider a new budget compromise

Strap back in:

A proposal to expand health-care coverage for poor Missourians went down in flames on Wednesday, but a novel alternative may yet rise from its ashes.

The Missouri House rejected a spending bill that would have added nearly 35,000 parents to the state’s Medicaid system. But after that defeat, a committee of House and Senate lawmakers worked out a deal to keep the funds financing the expansion — $146.8 million — in the budget for a new, as-yet-unwritten plan that Democrats and Republicans alike could support...

The committee’s arrangement allows the budget to proceed and buys lawmakers another week to work out a health-care plan in a separate bill. The General Assembly adjourns for the year on May 15.

As of last night (or very early this morning), the House is planning to consider SB306 on Monday, and focus on a smaller number of currently-uninsured adults.

I'm done predicting what will seem reasonable to House Republicans. Previous support from allies in the Republican Senate, Missouri Hospital Association, Chambers of Commerce and the Associated Industries of Missouri didn't seem to matter, but maybe House Republicans are now comfortable appropriating $150 million for a still undefined step towards socialist doom. Who knows? 



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