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Hartzler's Birther Comments Earn Praise from Right-Wing Fringe

Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler earned some praise for the comments she made last week about President Obama's birth certificate, this time coming from the fringe of the extreme right-wing fringe.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio lauded the congresswoman saying, 'I appreciate these two representatives having the courage to speak out about the legitimacy of the Obama Birth Certificate released by the White House."

This morning, Eli Yokley at PoliticMo had that Majority Leader Tim Jones's buddy and fellow litigant Orly Taitz had joined in heaping praise on Missouri's newest birther:

Orly Taitz, a California attorney who is one of the leading challengers of President Obama’s citizenship, said Hartzler’s comments add needed momentum for the floundering “birther” movement.

“Not only that,” Taitz told PoliticMo, “I have several hearings coming in very conservative jurisdictions. I got a message from Sheriff Arpaio’s office today, they are now conducting a criminal investigation.”

“One judge was nearly ready to remove Obama from the ballot,” she added. “I believe it will break pretty soon.”

If these folks are still looking for the president's birth certificate, I encourage them to view the document here.



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