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Hartzler Gets an Opponent

Looks like tea party darling Vicky Hartzler has gotten herself an opponent!

From the Cass County Democrat Missourian:

Hensley to Challenge Hartzler

Cass County Prosecuting Attorney Teresa Hensley is preparing to challenge Republican freshman U.S. Rep. Vicky Hartzler in November for her congressional seat.

"This country is facing difficult issues," Hensley said late Friday afternoon. "I want to be part of those discussions. I am forming a committee and will be making a formal announcement in the near future."

"I just love her to death as a candidate for this seat,” [Don Long, chairman of the Cass County Democratic Central Committee] said. “She's just the person to represent the working people of the 4th District, and not the special interests. We need someone who will fight to save Medicare and Social Security. Teresa is the consummate person to represent us in Washington.”

The Democratic political blog "Show Me Progress" posted a headline late in the day Jan. 19 proclaiming Hensley as the challenger to Hartzler in 2012. Underneath the headline, the blog posted an email it had received describing Hensley's accomplishments as the Cass County Prosecuting Attorney and her beliefs as they translate to Congress.

"Hensley will provide a strong independent voice for the middle class," the email read.

Emphasis added.

Fighting to protect Medicare and Social Security?  Fighting for Missouri's middle class?  SIGN ME UP.



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