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Good News

Two things, actually.

First good thing: deep in last night’s post-debate funk, I noticed that on CNN’s interactive national map, Missouri is no longer solid red. We’ve been shaded to pink. There’s no good reason why we can’t be powder blue by October 20th, and fifty more shades of blue by November 6.  

Second good thing: a reader commented on last night’s post.

Boy, the lengths you liars will got to [sic] in order to punish the American people with four more hellish nightmarish years with Obama. Im all American , [sic] I support a pro American president not a globalist president who is a complete fraud , as is your trash magazine. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

– submitted by pookieamos

 I’ve only been on Fired Up! a month, and beyond my immediate circle I don’t really have a sense of who you readers are. There has been a nagging worry that writing here is preaching to the choir. Who reading Fired Up Missouri would not be voting a straight Democratic ticket?

But Pookieamos does not seem like part of the choir. At least this choir. Which is great!

Hey, Pookieamos, welcome. I’m going to overlook the tone of your response and concentrate instead on sticking its content in my pipe and smoking it.

I’m not sure why you think I’m out “to punish the American people.”  I am an American person. My family has been here for generations. I live and work with a lot of American people. I’ve raised three American people. I’ve been married to an American person for more than 25 years. Also, I’m not a liar. I would like to see more American people healthy, educated, and earning a decent living.

You suggest that these have been “hellish nightmarish years.” I would be interested in hearing exactly what your personal experience has been.

You say you support a “pro American president not a globalist president.” Here I say to you: you do not have to choose one or the other. In fact you cannot. Given our role in the world, it is not possible to be an advocate for Americans without also playing on the international stage.  Just ask George W. Bush.

You say President Obama is “a complete fraud.” Listen, I do not agree with all of the policies Barack Obama has put into place, or with many of the people he has brought into to work these problems. It’s going to take a very long time for us to dig out.  But a fraud? A fraud is an imposter, a cheat. Barack Obama is not pretending to be a dedicated public servant whose hair has turned gray before our very eyes from working day and night, negotiating with people, enraging people, disappointing people, and mindfully steering our ship of state out of the churning waters he found it in.  He is not pretending to be this person. He is this person.

Pookieamos, if you or your loved ones rely on our shared community for anything at all – for driving on roads and bridges, for access to the public library, for mailing letters, for Medicaid or Medicare, for food stamps, for tax breaks, for schooling, for the protection of police and firefighters – then you need to think a little more carefully about why you’re saying the things you’re saying, and why you want to give your vote to a man who made a quarter of a billion dollars by deliberately making jobs disappear for people kind of like you.





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