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Feel the Surge

Public Policy Polling: "PPP's final poll of the Republican Senate primary in Missouri finds a close race with John Brunner leading the pack at 35%, followed by Todd Akin at 30%, and Sarah Steelman at 25%. 10% of voters say that they plan to choose someone else or that they're undecided....Despite Brunner's modest lead there are a couple of reasons to think an upset is possible on Tuesday night. One is that Akin leads Brunner 35-33 among voters who say they're 'very excited' about casting their ballots on Tuesday. Brunner's overall advantage is based on a 37-31 advantage over Akin with 'somewhat excited' voters and a 36-21 lead with those who say they're 'not that excited.' If we count only the 'very' and 'somewhat' excited voters Brunner's lead over Akin shrinks to only two points." 



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