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Feel the Burn

FOUL: How proud is Ed Martin of his record as an, ahem, public official? The GOP candidate for attorney general is refusing to meet with newspaper editorial boards during this election cycle. Editorialists often ask embarrassing questions, and Mr. Martin has much to be embarrassed about. So on Monday, he sent the boards (or some of them, at least) a video asking for their endorsements. Perhaps the other statewide Republican candidates, most of whom have met with editorial boards, might want to tell Mr. Martin, the leader of their “victory” campaign, that he's embarrassing himself, and their party, all over again. In a note accompanying the video, Mr. Martin says he' hopes the video will “open up all sorts of ways to communicate.” Right. Here's the best way: You talk, we ask questions, you talk some more. Of course, you'd have to show up.



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