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Dave Spence Lies About Own Education

Dave Spence wants to be governor of Missouri.  Dave Spence wants you to believe that he didn't use a single penny of the $42 million bailout his bank received and never returned to taxpayers.  Dave Spence also wants you to believe he has a degree in Economics from the University of Missouri.

Well, Dave Spence has been lying: on Spence's OWN WEBSITE, he lists that he attended the University of Missouri-Columbia and earned a degree in economics.  But that's a lie.  Dave Spence earned a degree in HOME economics:

Let's define economics and home economics for Mr Spence:


  1. The branch of knowledge concerned with the production, consumption, and transfer of wealth.
  2. The condition of a region or group as regards material prosperity.

home economics

Cooking and other aspects of household management, esp. as taught at school.

A marked difference, I'd say.

Dave Spence, what say you?  Is home economics actually economics because I don't see a lot of similarities and I'm a little confused, could you clarify?  Please?

Or better yet, just stop lying about your past.



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