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Dave Spence Called Out for Dodging Conservative Club Event

Lake News Online reported today that Republican candidate for governor Dave Spence backed out at the last minute from a planned event with the Lake Area Conservative Club. According to the report, the Spence campaign claimed “that the club was not honest with them when setting up the appearance. The campaign was under the impression that Spence would be the only candidate to attend.”

Spence’s rival for the Republican nomination for governor, Bill Randles, was quick to criticize candidate Spence for his absence. During an appearance on 104.1 FM KSGF Mornings with Nick Reed, Randles stated “If you are so unconfident about your candidate that he will not appear with another Republican in front of Republican crowds, how in the world do you think he is ready to stand up in front of the media and the Democrats and Jay Nixon.”

Spence also drew heat from the Camdenton Tea Party in an email blast sent out this morning. Below is the email from the Tea Party group for your reading pleasure.

From: Camdenton Tea Party
Date: June 13, 2012 7:30:24 AM CDT
Subject: Randles to Speak at Lake Area Conservative Club

Good morning,

Approximately two months ago,  Board Member, Jane Boyce attempted to contact the Spence Campaign to invite them to an LACC meeting as folks wanted to know who he was and get educated on the issues. She never received any response back from her emails. I recently called their office personally and long story short, we had them both scheduled to appear.

Over the weekend,  the Spence campaign cancelled their appearance, via email to meet with the LACC, giving a number of ridiculous excuses. They initially stated they didn't know Mr. Randles would be there.  They then didn't want to meet at a conservative event with an opposing Republican that may give the Democrats anything to use against them. They also claimed they didn't want to get attacked by Mr. Randles because he is getting desperate. Apparently, the Spence campaign is concerned about it being brought up that Mr. Spence was serving on a bank board at such a time this board received a TARP bank bailout. It was presented by the LACC very clearly, Mr. Spence and Mr. Randles would receive the exact same pre- written questions from the audience and each would have the time to respond equally. The Spence campaign supervisor also questioned me at to if Jane was still in possession of the emails she had previously sent, suggesting perhaps the requests were never made.

The offer was made Monday morning that Mr. Spence could be given one on one face time with the LACC both before and after the event to address us with his own message. The offer was summarily rejected. What is very very apparent is neither he or his staff are concerned about the needs and concerns of LOZ residents. I trust each of you will carefully consider your primary vote in August.

If you are an LACC member, and wish to weigh in on your thoughts of Mr. Randles' appearance last night, please feel free to do so and we will forward your thoughts to the LACC membership. If you were not at the meeting last night, you missed an absolutely great campaign appearance from a carefully well thought out individual, Mr. Randles. Trust me, he was anything, but desperate. 



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