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Dave Spence Agrees with Todd Akin: No Exception for Rape or Incest

Rep. Todd Akin has company in Republican nominee for governor Dave Spence in believing that there should be no exceptions to abortion for rape or incest. 

In The Beacon, Jo Mannies has the story:

Both Akin and Spence say on their sites that they believe that life begins at conception -- although the Kansas City Star has reported that Spence is trying to distance himself from Akin.

Akin has said that he supports a few exceptions, only for ectopic pregnancies (where the embryo is growing in a fallopian tube) or to save the mother’s life. And he also opposes the “morning-after pill,’’ which can prevent conception if taken within a few days after unprotected sex.

Spence supports exceptions only for “the life and health of the mother,’’ a spokesman said.

Good luck trying to distance yourself from Akin, Mr. Spence. It appears that your views are just as much out of the mainstream as Akin's.



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