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For Charlie Denison, Personal Feelings About "Those People" Trump Views of Safety Experts

Rep. Charlie Denison (R-Springfield) has had enough of stupid refugees getting all the breaks in life.  This is America, doggonnit, a nation proud of its immigrant heritage small-minded attitudes toward foreigners. "Somebody needs to explain to me why we need to yield to refugees or any other group of people that are coming into our country," he told the News-Leader about a proposal to allow refugees and legal immigrants the opportunity to take a driving test in their native language.

In Dennison's mind, this isn't too much to ask of immigrants from Central and South America, who have unique Latino powers to acquire new language skills as adults.  In Charlie's world, we refer to them as "those people."

"Those people learn English so easily, it seems," Denison said in an interview, referring to Hispanic immigrants.

Denison's views on "those people" seem to be at odds with colleague John Cauthorn's enlightened perspective, who hears Spanish "everywhere" and "hates" it.  (I wish these guys would get on the same page -- are "those people" assimilating seamlessly?  Or "those people" destroying "our identity as a nation?")

Either way, the personal views of small-minded state legislators should not trump actual safety concerns.  As the News-Leader, Tribune and other outlets have reported, the Missouri Highway Patrol sees no safety concerns with drivers who cannot speak English.  In fact, having more unlicensed drivers on the road makes us all less safe.  This video from the Missouri News Horizon sums up things pretty well:



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