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Button Bob... parked in the lobby of the Courtyard Marriott where our Missouri delegation is staying. He's at a table right outside the elevators, and doing a brisk business in button-dealing. Button Bob is Bob Levine, of Manchester, a delegate and member of the Democratic National Committee. Another interesting delegate I met this morning is Mike Evans, of Veterans For Obama. Evans is a high school teacher (business, multimedia, law) in the Fox district. He works in an alernative school. He served in the Army right before 9/11. Here in Charlotte he's representing the Third Congressional District as one of our 19 "at-large" delegates. Recommended (OK, required) reading: the cover stories in the current Rolling Stone about Mitt Romney and Bain. One very small thing I will observe about Charlotte on September 4 is that it is a pretty humid place. Certain people who are near and dear to me would be very unhappy, hair-wise. Me, I live for air-born water.



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