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Brutal OpEd: Akin's conservatism isn't the same as Reagan's

In the St. Louis Post-Dispatch today:

During the 1994 legislative session, then-state Rep. Akin hosted a weekly luncheon for interns. Every Wednesday, Akin would feed us chicken fingers and discuss conservative philosophy and politics. Keep in mind, I hail from a family that still supported Prohibition, opposed the lottery and thought Bill Clinton lunched with the antichrist. In terms of experiential education, I thought I possessed a Ph.D. in all things conservative. That was until I attended Congressman Akin's weekly symposiums...

Like so many families from the hardscrabble Ozarks, my grandparents depended upon Social Security; my great aunt, stricken with emphysema, needed Medicare to survive; and my Pell Grant spelled the difference between college and working full-time at a Shoney's. In contrast to Akin, Uncle Reagan had never called us thieves. Indeed, the president honored our hard work. He claimed labor, thrift and striving is what made America great. To Todd Akin, however, we were little more than bandits who stole under the legal fig leaf of a government handout...

I know one thing for sure: Todd Akin's "legitimate rape" comment was no slip of the tongue. The congressman harbors a radical worldview that bears no resemblance to the conservatism of my youth. I may not have actually known the Gipper, but I know Todd Akin and he is no Ronald Reagan. Republicans, Democrats and all Missourians deserve better a choice in November.

Click to read the whole piece. It's worth your time.



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