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Brunner Gets Another Chance at Debates, Chickens Out

So yesterday we wrote about John Brunner deciding to skip the first debate to be held for the GOP Senate wannabes, leaving it to Sarah Steelman and Todd Akin to appear on KTRS.

Today we find out that not only has Brunner decided to skip the first debate, but he's been given a second chance to debate in January, this time in Branson on the 30th, and he's chickening out of that one, too!

A spokesman for the 3rd likely candidate, St. Louis businessman John Brunner, has said he is unable to commit at this time, saying the campaign’s original verbal commitment to Earls Family Broadcasting last November was to a debate, not to a specific date.

A debate in GOP-friendly Branson and Brunner can't commit to being in attendance.  Whatcha hiding, John?  Scared to answer questions about being a "job creator" who actually laid a bunch of workers off while getting rich? Terrified of questions about your refusal to answer other questions about the Ryan plan to privatize Medicare?

If I were scheduling/hosting debates, I'd go ahead and ask Brunner all the questions I had, and then play this in leiu of any actual answers:



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