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Brunner Continues to Be Stumped by Very Basic Questions

John Brunner is so outraged by federal spending that he can't even talk about it. This weekend in The Tribune:

U.S. Senate candidate John Brunner, a leading Republican candidate hoping to take on U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill in the fall, yesterday was unable to name a single federal program popular among Missourians that he thought spent too much money...

His rhetoric about making tough decisions was tested, however, when time came for questions...

Questioned by reporters yesterday about the Farm Bill, Brunner declined to take stand. He explained a detailed process of consultation and discussion he would follow on major bills, capped by reading the bill.

"I have not engaged myself in that process," he said. "I am not a U.S. Senator. I have not drilled down to these particular issues."

He was also asked by reporters to consider Ambrust's question [to name a popular program in Missouri that deserves to be cut] again, and name something Missourians like that could be cut.

"That is a good question and honestly I don't know," he said.



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