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Brilliant Bond Logic: Carbon Pollution Ain't A Problem 'Cause Trees Need CO2

Impressive stuff from Kit Bond at a Tuesday press conference about the EPA's conclusion that greenhouse gases endanger human health:

It doesn’t help [Alaska Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski's] case that the press conference she called on the measure Tuesday featured some of the Senate's all-stars of climate denial. There was Inhofe, who reaffirmed his belief that global warming is the "greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people." There was Sen. Kit Bond of Missouri, who noted that, "Without carbon, my trees would die. Carbon occurs naturally." And there was Sen. Mike Enzi of Wyoming, whose contribution was, "People are breathing out CO2 all the time. Would that be a violation of the Clean Air Act under this law?"

What a dumb comment.

Bond has fought hard to muddy the waters and mislead the public about climate change and clean energy legislation.  Last summer, he told KY3 that "there is not a crisis in global warming."  He's also been called out by the Star for "wildly overestimat[ing]" the costs Missouri farmers would see under the House-passed clean energy bill. 

Ironically, I think most people agree that strict EPA regulations aren't the best option for dealing with carbon pollution; a cap-and-trade system makes far more sense. Republicans used to like things called "markets," if I recall correctly. You know, to efficiently allocate scarce resources.  But they don't like much of anything anymore. 



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