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Brian Nieves Still Hearts Guns

It's only been a week since 12 people were killed and 58 were wounded in the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting, and already we have not one but two events with Missouri legislators revolving around guns, guns, guns.

We've got Rep. McCaherty hosting a fundraiser raffling off an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle similar to the one used in the recent shooting, and now we've got Sen. Brian Nieves excited to host a fundraiser where contributors can join a "Home Grown Event" and shoot! I mean, really folks, this is meant to be FUN.

From: Brian Nieves <>
Date: Thu, Jul 26, 2012 at 3:57 PM
Subject: Come Join Us!!

I have GREAT News!!

We have received a number of sizable checks from supporters who wish to underwrite our Sporting Clays Event THIS Saturday, the 28th!! Why is that good news for you?!?! Simple: I'm opening up the event at a Greatly Reduced Price which means we want you to come whether you have a big contribution or not! Heck, I'll probably let you come for FREE or you can just contribute what ever amount you feel like!!  Really folks, this is meant to be a FUN, Home Grown Event and we want YOU to join us! Don't worry about the money, just call us Right Now!

We are excited to see you on Saturday and don't want money to get in the way so call me or Tim directly to let us know your coming and then just simply come! My number is 314.XXX.XXXX or Tim at 314.XXX.XXXX

See you Saturday!


Of course you'll remember Nieves as being the guy who loves himself an AR-15 assault rifle, as you can see in the video below.


And you'll no doubt remember Nieves' brush with the law when assault allegations were made against him two years ago:

The Kansas City Star reports today that state Rep. Brian Nieves (R - Franklin County) is at the center of a complaint made Thursday to police in Washington, Missouri. According to the Star, a campaign worker for Dick Stratman (Nieves' challenger in the Republican primary for state Senate) stopped by Nieves' campaign office Wednesday morning to offer congratulations for Nieves' victory in the primary.

The campaign worker, Shawn Bell, was leaving the office when he reportedly ran into Nieves, who -- per the complaint -- threw Bell against the wall and then drew a handgun from his pocket that he used to intimidate Bell.

[emphasis added]

With Nieves' notorious temper, his love of guns, and previous allegations made against him, you'll no doubt understand when I say I'm declining the invite to go shoot some clays, even if it's supposed to be a FUN, Home Grown Event. I think I've gotta... wash my hair, or... clean the garage... I'm definitely booked on the 28th.



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