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Brian Nieves Jumps Off the Deep End

Today in crazy, courtesy of Sen. Brian Nieves.

One can only assume that this, coming on the same day that the Supreme Court handed down their decision upholding Obamacare, that the tyranny Nieves is referencing is one where we allow all Americans access to affordable health care.  I suppose the "Rule of Law" and "sacred constitution" that Nieves holds so dear is one where people who don't receive health care through their job or who make too little to afford health insurance will be able to access it through the Patient Protection Affordable Care Act.

I almost feel sorry for Nieves, who's beloved Republic has clearly crumbled into a place where insurance companies can no longer deny you coverage based on a pre-existing condition. If only the mortal blow which Nieves refers to were the Citizens United decision allowing unlimited corporate spending in elections, but no, it's Obamacare which requires insurance companies justify their outrageous rate hikes and spend no more than 20% on overhead costs like million dollar salaries for CEOs. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go make a donation to the tyrants who foisted a law prohibiting yearly and lifetime caps on health care on my Fellow Freedom Fighters.



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