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Breaking: Top of the Ticket Weak for MOGOP

Politico's Dave Catanese: Republican hopeful Dave Spence ended up on The Tonight Show — but for all the wrong reasons if you’re a nascent candidate. Jay Leno included Spence’s gaffe — claiming to have an economics degree when his schooling was actually in home economics — in his headlines bit. But the more potentially damaging news for Spence was a poll showing him behind Republican Bill Randles, a little-known Harvard lawyer who has been mostly dismissed by the GOP establishment. Spence has the personal wealth to make inroads, but when the president of the Missouri chamber of commerce is showing up at a fundraiser for Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon, it underscores the long tough slog Spence has ahead of him even with those in his own party."

Missouri Scout's Dave Drebes:  The Tom Schweich for Senate chatter "echoed what everyone is saying - that the Republican field is weak. Actually it amplified it. When Schweich is your savior, it's WEAK."



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