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Bonus Nieves Facebook Rants on "out right Vicious Attacks"

Sen. Brian Nieves, unfettered: "Shame on Bill Miller! Today, at 2pm, I will present my bill to correct the way parking is done at our capitol campus. Many of you have seen the out right Vicious Attacks that editorial boards and owners of news papers have done to punish me for standing FOR our disabled community as I have! Let me say this again... Bill Miller, of the Washington missourian, is a COWARD who hides behind his little news paper to attack attack attack! I have challenged him before and I now challenge him again. Come out from behind your struggling little news paper and debate me publicly on this issue!! I, for one, am willing to stand up for disabled Military Veterans and our disabled community in general and would have thought that Mr. Miller, a Veteran himself, would do the same but when you are blinded by hate, as he seems to be, your only course of action is to ATTACK. Shame on you Mr. Miller, I am disgusted by your lack of compassion and unwillingness to help our wounded, disabled War Heroes and our disabled community in general."

And: " I harbor No, None, anger toward Mr. Miller. I can stand before God & man and say that I hold no anger in my heart for him. I actually feel sorry for him and his kind - Cowards of all walks of life. I can't imagin life as a coward and therefor I honestly feel sorry for cowards like him who hide behind a word processor while other people actually get in the ring and fight for good! How sad it must be. I think we should all pray for him and his ilk."

For posterity: Brian Nieves rant on Bill Miller Nieves2



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