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Abouhalkah Slams Hartzler for "The Most Vacuous Answers on Important Issues"

Phyllis Schlafly and Vicky Hartzler

The Star's Yael T. Abouhalkah posts the following today:

In the congressional race for Missouri’s 4th District seat, voters ought to say “no” to Vicky Hartzler’s belligerent campaign to knock off longtime incumbent Ike Skelton.

Admittedly, Skelton has grown too comfortable in his job, one reason pundits give Hartzler a chance of winning in this year of the supposed GOP tidal wave.

But that would be a disaster for 4th District residents. Hartzler, of all the local candidates I’ve interviewed this year, has the most vacuous answers on important issues. She offers little more than ultra-conservative sound-bite positions. In particular, her naïve “get Washington out of our lives” attitude looks hypocritical coming from a family that’s received hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal farm aid.



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