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Washington Insiders

Roy Blunt didn't get to where he is by letting his K Street constituency forget how much he loves and needs them.

So what is Blunt working on two months into his term as U.S. Senator?  Continuing his proud tradition of K Street outreach by planning a "fall retreat" for them at the Kiawah Island Golf Resort in South Carolina. 

You thought Ol' Roy would keep tweeting about blue jeans and pretending his heart's really in Missouri?  Please. 

Blunt's upcoming "retreat" is just another entry in a long list of luxurious events by Blunt's Rely On Your Beliefs (ROYB Fund) and campaign committees far, far away from voters and reporters in the Show-Me State.  As you may have read during the 2010 Senate race when Blunt and his handlers were downplaying his nauseating ties to the influence peddling industry.

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