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Todd Akin

Caleb Rowden, call your office. Why would you leave a photo like this on your official campaign Facebook page? Also, can we talk briefly about Rowden's comment that Todd Akin "has to know more about US history than most history professors." Really?

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So does Rowden, a Christian musician running as a republican in House District 44, also believe that the Pilgrims came to America to flee "unbiblical" socialism like Akin?

AKIN: It might be helpful to think back and say, there’s more to Thanksgiving than the Pilgrims. They were a group of people who were willing to change the system, to think of different ideas. They came here and separated civil and church governments. They came here and created the model of a written constitution, the idea that the government should be the servant of the people. […] They came here with the idea that after trying socialism that it wasn’t going to work. They realized that it was unbiblical, that it was a form of theft, so they pitched socialism out. They learned that in the early 1620’s. 

ThinkProgress breaks down the actual history of the Pilgrims coming to America:

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