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Todd Akin

UPDATE: PACs can give Akin $10,000 if $5,000 is allocated for the primary election, and $5,000 is allocated for the general election. 


Rep. Todd Akin responded to calls for him to drop out of the Senate race - again - saying he's in it 'til November. Akin appeared on KSDK this evening and went on to remark on what a "great team" he thinks Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan make as the Republican nominees for president and vice president and how he's "looking forward to voting for them." Not entirely sure the top of the ticket wants Akin's support, given how they've tried and tried to push him out of the race, but there you have it: Akin hearts Romney/Ryan.

Akin also goes on to double down on his - and the Republican party's - stance that there be no exception to abortion for rape or incest, even going so far to say he's "unapologetic" for his pro-life views, showing just how out of the mainstream he really is. 

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