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Stanley Cox

Representative Stanley Cox (R-Sedalia) continued his campaign of misinformation in the service of his party's voter suppression agenda yesterday, alleging that Missouri's "urban centers" for having a "long history of voter fraud," in addition to being in cahoots with notorious boogeyman ACORN to steal elections. 

Wow, talk about dogwhistle politics. This little guy would understand:

Cox's supports MoGOP's voter suppression efforts wholeheartedly, initiatives so odious that even his hometown newspaper called them "misguided...and unneeded."

It would be just like him to distort the facts and manufacture evidence in the MoGOP's radical attempt to disenfranchise and suppress legitimate voters from voting.

Like many on the right, Cox has a long history of playing fast and loose with the distinction between voter registration fraud with voter impersonation fraud. Anyone can register to vote as Spiderman, for example, but good luck trying to vote with that. This is different from voter impersonation fraud, also known as actual voter fraud, and something that is incredibly rare in the United States and in Missouri.

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