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Shane Schoeller

Kander campaign:

Jason Kander today released his campaign’s second ad of the general election titled Serving, which contrasts the views of Jason and his opponent on military voting.

The ad, which can be viewed at, highlights how Kander was able to vote an absentee ballot during the general election in Nov. 2006 despite serving his country in Afghanistan at the time. The ad points out that absentee voting by mail would be prohibited under a bill Shane Schoeller sponsored this past legislative session.

According to the St. Louis Beacon, Schoeller’s bill, HB 2109, would have made Missouri the only state in the country where mailing in an absentee ballot would be prohibited. Kander led the bipartisan opposition that killed the bill during the legislative session because it would have taken away one of the only ways Missouri military members stationed overseas or in other states have to vote.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch noted that during the 2008 presidential election 270,000 Missourians mailed in an absentee ballot, including 11,000 military voters.

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