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Scott Rupp

Word around the Capitol is that republican senator Jane Cunningham, former chair of ALEC's Education Committee, will not be allowed to carry HB1526, the union busting, anti-education bill pushed by the billionaire funded StudentsFirst group founded by Michelle Rhee, the former chancellor of D.C. schools who has yet to explain her involvement in the cheating scandal the rocked nation's capital last year.

The issues started to come up yesterday, from Randy Turner:

It doesn't appear she has any chance to get a bill passed eliminating teacher tenure and it looks like another pet project of hers, educational vouchers, is not going to happen this session, but a bill forbidding the use of seniority as a determining factor in teacher layoffs will be heard before her General Laws Committee today.

That could end up being a problem for the legislation since some of her fellow senators have not been thrilled with the way she has hijacked education bills for her committee, rather than put them in the Education Committee where they belong.

Would Senate leadership really deny Calamity Jane the opportunity to carry one of her precious pieces of legislation in the last week of her legislative career?  Poor Cunningham, being forced onto the sidelines and not lead the charge in attacking teachers and the students and families they serve.  It must be a hard pill to swallow for Cunningham given all the effort she's put into trying to "reform" education during her legislative career from attempting to repeal child labor laws to her attempt to require teachers' salaries to be based on the test scores of the children they teach to now trying to prohibit the most experienced teachers from having their seniority considered when schools go through layoffs.

It's a pretty sad ending to a legislative career for a woman who's spent nearly all of her time in office trying to "reform" Missouri education.  From the sound of it, her less than thrilled colleagues have had enough and demanded that someone less toxic carry the water in republicans' continued attack on teachers and public education. Or maybe Michelle Rhee's last minute visit to Jefferson City today was to demand someone more competent handle the bill.

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