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Over the next week and a half, we’ll be bringing you ten 10 Top 10 lists looking back on the year that was.

With the self control and emotional maturity of a high school freshman, Lt. Governor Peter Kinder has spent copious amounts of free time in 2010 tweeting vile, dishonest and outrageous messages to his online followers. Sadly, our mainstream media outlets have ignored his garbage as often as Kinder has ignored the truth, and very few Missourians have been informed about the hate and insanity that flows with regularity from one of their statewide politicians. Here are the ten tweets or twitter tantrums that left us the most dumbfounded.   

#10: Kinder declares that Wall Street Reform legislation is a catastrophic "socialist takeover of the financial sector."
This first question one asks when reading the Lt. Governor's response to the Wall Street reform legislation passed in June is, "Does he know what the words 'socialist' and 'takeover' mean?"   The new law passed 60-39 with Republican support in the Senate, in part because it some of the original consumer protection proposals were beat back by Wall Street lobbyists.   Here's a summary of what's actually in the law -- none of it even comes close to a collectivist takeover of our financial industry.

For posterity:!/PeterKinder/status/17034370969

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