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Peter Kinder

This morning at the Missouri Housing and Development Commission meeting, Peter Kinder failed to even find a second for his motion to eliminate the prevailing wage requirements for the rebuilding of low-income residential housing in Joplin.

Terry Nelson of the Carpenters' District Council of Greater St. Louis and Vicinity had this to say after Kinder's motion failed:

We were glad to see the MHDC reject the proposal to slash middle class wages -- taking money away from Joplin’s families will not help Joplin recover, and an overwhelming majority of the Commission sees that.

In his latest failed attack on working families, Kinder proposed gutting wage requirements that protect communities and workers from unscrupulous contractors low-balling bids on taxpayer-funded construction projects by setting wage rates to the local or prevailing standard.

Gary Elliot of the Eastern Missouri Laborers' District Council also commended the MHDC's decision to protect Joplin and her workers:

Rebuilding Joplin is more than a structural investment. I applaud the MHDC’s decision to maintain prevailing wage requirements for affordable housing projects in Missouri.  Strong wages create strong communities, especially in a place like Joplin that has already been through so much.

Unfortunately, there are other Republicans in the legislature who have proposed legislation which would also suspend the prevailing wage in places deemed disaster area just as Kinder's failed proposal would have, though bipartisan coalitions have defeated such measures in the past.

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