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Peter Kinder

Over at the Post-Distpatch today, Tony Messenger has a takedown of "Peter the Tweeter's" latest twitter fiasco over the United Nations coming to interfere with our election:

FOUL: Peter the Tweeter is back. In the halcyon days before his gubernatorial ambitions went off the rails, Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder would regularly send the sort of messages on Twitter that would send his supporters running for the hills. Like when he tweeted from Hooters, or stirred fear during a fake hostage crisis, or repeated right-wing propaganda. Well, he's back. Last week, Mr. Kinder tweeted, and repeated on a right-wing radio program, the crazy conspiracy theory that United Nations officials are out to mess with the Nov. 6 election. Um, no.

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Confidential to PDK: In case you missed it, we saw these guys roaming Cape Girardeau earlier today, asking about the nearest polling location.

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