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Newt Gingrich

Newtie finally gets his wish. The media is no longer spreading viscous lies about him. They are no longer covering him at all. The huckster has hit a new low by charging supporters for pictures with his routundness, reportedly 50 bucks.

Santorum has an ad superimposing President Obama's picture over one of Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmedinejad, while the narrator intones a "sworn American enemy." It's quick, but the subliminal message is clear. Classy.

Ron Paul tells Piers Morgan that it is "way to soon to write anybody off." His supporters are proving their mettle by putting caucuses into an uproar. As a side note, cranky Paul refers to secret service protection as welfare, but has no qualms about putting six family members on his government payroll. Go figure.

And, finally, just when he seemed to gain traction with evangelicals, Mitt Romney’s second cousin, Park Romney, who once was once a Mormon high priest, is now denouncing the religion as a cult. Not helpful in a country that supposedly values religious freedom.

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