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Missouri AFL-CIO

On the heels of the St. Louis Post Dispatch's endorsement of Jason Kander and brutal take down of Shane Schoeller's voter suppresion campaign and efforts by Rex Sinquefield to buy Schoeller the Secretary of State's office, the AFL-CIO has released the following statement from President Richard Trumka:

Republican candidate for secretary of state Shane Schoeller is holding a “Voter Suppression” tour today to rally for a Missouri voter ID law with other secretaries of state who have passed repressive photo ID laws in the their states. Schoeller has made voter ID a central focus of his campaign and will lead voter suppression rallies through breakfast, lunch and dinner, despite rulings by federal courts against similar laws in South Carolina, Texas, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. His breakfast rally will feature conservative extremist, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, notorious for his role in architecting Arizona’s SB1070 bill, one of the country’s ugliest anti-immigrant laws that encourages racial profiling, and one of the country’s strictest voter ID laws in Kansas. Also joining Schoeller on the tour are Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz and Mississippi Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann.

“The right to vote is too important to be undermined by political gimmicks like those of Missouri Secretary of State candidate Shane Schoeller and the politicians traveling with him on this shameful tour – Kris Kobach of Kansas, Matt Schultz of Iowa and Delbert Hosemann of Mississippi," said AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka. “The ‘tour’ they are bringing through the state would more accurately be called a Voter Suppression Tour, and it is up to us to reject these misleading and divisive political attacks.”

The AFL-CIO has been on the frontlines in protecting against these assaults on millions of Americans’ right to vote with its My Vote, My Right campaign, a far-reaching voter protection program that has paired up lawyers with local community allies to educate and protect those who don’t have the resources to fight unreasonable voting restrictions.

To learn more about the My Vote, My Right campaign, check out:

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