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Missouri 2nd Congressional District

First, Ed Martin disparaged a former employee of the St. Louis Board of Elections named Jeanne Bergfeld. (violating a legal agreement requiring him not to discuss details of her dismissal): 

"She said she was a Republican; nobody ever questioned that," he tells RFT, adding that Bergfeld was a patronage employee who had enjoyed "twelve years of not having to do anything" and who "wasn't interested in changing." Martin concludes: "We did everything we could, appropriately, to have her do her job, but it wasn't in the cards

Then, he denied ever saying those words to the Riverfront Times:

(Ed Martin) responded to Bergfeld's complaint. On February 25, Martin filed a pleading in which he flatly denied making any comments about Bergfeld to the RFT.

Finally, he couldn’t remember anything he said about her to the RFT:

His story shifted in June, when he was deposed (or more accurately, grilled) by Bergfeld's attorney, Chet Pleban. No fewer than fourteen different times, Martin said he could not remember what, if anything, he told us about her.

Oh yeah, it sounds like he also forced his press secretary to lie for him as well. Class act that Ed Martin.

h/t Riverfront Times 

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