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Michael Wardell

In an op-ed distributed to various news outlets and conservative activists this week, GOP activist Michael Wardell rips Rep. Billy Long for his actions and attitude in Congress.  Wardell lost to Long in the 2010 GOP primary for the seat, and there has been speculation that he may challenge an incumbent Long in 2012.   From his piece:

With all of the bloviating Congressman Long does on his twitter account, you would think that he has been this great boon to the conservative movement.

But lets be real, he’s nothing more than a empty windbag of dogmatic talking points straight from of a lobbyists’ tongue as real as sarcasm drips from the mouths of teenagers. Congressman Long has never had a fleeting thought of representing this district. Based solely on his month and some change in office, he has quickly become what the people of Southwest Missouri didn’t want, A party hack that lets the wind blow his positions to and fro based on what others want him to do.

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