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Kit Bond

Via Former Senator Kit Bond delivered Congressman Todd Akin from wealthy/important person suite to wealthy/important suite at the Mizzou v. Miami football game two Saturdays ago, a move that would be hard to read as anything other than an implicit endorsement at this point in the game GOP Senate primary. Dave Drebes makes the call in his post on the escort: Kit Hearts Todd.

The Akin campaign is certainly happy to signal the support. In a Facebook photo album posted by the campaign after the game, we see this happy trio. 

Under further review, it's not hard to misread John Hancock's refusal to let the public meet client John Brunner, either. The man isn't ready for the bright lights and direct questions that come with a statewide campaign for the U.S. Senate. With each week of radio silence from the Brunner camp  Hancock's office, we shouldn't be surprised to see shows of public support like the one above for candidates who aren't afraid of the voters.

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