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Kiki Curls

The full Democratic House Caucus just concluded a press conference on the steps of the Capitol, standing together in opposition to the House Republicans' defeat of HB11.

“The ridiculousness of the House Republican position is exceeded only by its cruelty,” said Minority Leader Paul LeVota (D-Independence). “We had a rare opportunity to restore health coverage to 35,000 hard-working Missourians at no cost to state taxpayers. The majority instead tightened its grip around the same failed policies that have made health care less accessible and less affordable.”

“Associated Industries of Missouri, the state Chamber of Commerce, the Missouri Hospital Association and Senate Republicans all know this is a good idea,” said state Rep. Chris Kelly, D-Columbia and the ranking Democrat on the House Budget Committee. “Business groups understand the economic reality: If their workers are too ill to make it work, Missouri businesses don’t make money.”

The full release from the Minority Caucus is below the fold.

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