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Jay Nixon

As distributed by the Nixon for Governor campaign this morning...

  • SPRINGFIELD NEWS-LEADER: Nixon will keep leading us
    “Missouri is fortunate to have a governor who works well with others, whether that includes members of both major political parties or representatives of private businesses.” Nixon’s “focus on what he calls ‘rigid fiscal discipline’ has served the state well, keeping the state’s high bond rating and getting a balanced budget passed without major disagreement. In order to accomplish that, Nixon had to work with both Democratic and Republican legislators.”
  • JOPLIN GLOBE: Nixon right man to lead Missouri 
    “A governor must be a leader for the entire state… He must reach across party lines in order to make compromises that will help stimulate the economy and bring jobs to our state. And he has to be able to direct state employees in their response to all disasters. Jay Nixon has shown in his first four years as Missouri’s governor that he is that leader.” 
  • KANSAS CITY STAR: Gov. Jay Nixon has earned a second term
    Nixon’s “shrewd management of the budget spared Missouri some of the pain experienced by states across the country. He was a steady presence after tornados ravaged Joplin and other communities. His reactions to a summer of flooding and then a season of drought have been reassuring and creative.  Nixon’s leadership in tough times has earned him a second term.”
  • JEFFERSON CITY NEWS TRIBUNE: Leadership amid adversity
    “A test for a chief executive is the quality of leadership amid adversity. By that yardstick, Gov. Jay Nixon has earned re-election… Unlike the feeble federal propensity to amass more debt rather than make tough decisions, Missouri is obligated by its constitution to balance its budget.  Nixon has opted to cut expenses rather than raise taxes.”
  • QUINCY HERALD-WHIG: Nixon has ability to move region, Missouri forward  
    “A fiscally conservative Democrat, he worked with the Republican-controlled Legislature -- along with business, labor and education groups -- to develop and implement a five-year strategic plan focused on job retention and creation to halt Missouri's slide. His swift and effective response to those terrible disasters continues to draw bipartisan praise.”
  • COLUMBIA DAILY TRIBUNE: Nixon best choice for governor 
    “Gov. Jay Nixon has crafted a steady course through his political career, most recently earning a good reputation for diligence and careful management as attorney general and, now, governor.” Nixon is “a proven commodity, a fiscal conservative and social moderate” who “knows how government works and how to manage the troops. He is a good governor and deserves another term.”
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